Penaku Patah

Note to myself

Note to myself ;


Figuring yourself out doesn’t have to happen today,

Or tomorrow , or even months from now,

It should not be rushed to understand who you are ,

And how you make sense of what you do,

And why you do what you do.


Figuring yourself out is also a journey,

It’s as important as placing yourself out there,

Just by looking at all those things that had happened and will happen for the next phase of your life,

Things that make you hurt,

Things that make you grow stronger,

Things that goes beyond your expectation yet give out a very wonderful hikmah,

Its takes time for us to see the real meaning behind all the path that we had been through but that’s the point.


You don’t need to face life knowing who you are always,

Knowing why your life has to be like that,

other than the way u always wanted it to be,

Its because you face the World even without fully understanding what is good and bad for you,

But , do believe that , HE our creator knows the best,

And will always give the best ,

To became rich we need to start from the bottom ,

As simple as that formula,

To get a great ending , we need to encounter with hardship

By then , we will be okay.

Its okay , you are not here to race with life or other people,

You’re here to live, to learn and to grow.

Look to the Sun that rises for you .

–         CikViolet.

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