SEAS Games 2017

Speech from the Vice President 1 in conjunction with the upcoming SEAS Games 2017.

The SEAS Games is the most awaited biennial games held among the few Asian students in Morocco.

After 2 elongated years, finally, the Harimau Malaya army has sharpened their fangs, the Sang Garuda troop has soared its wings higher, the Gajah Putih battalion has stomped the Earth underneath it, and now, more than ever, heaving breaths of anticipation, ready for the South East Asean (SEAS) Games VIII 2017.

The contingents’ sweat is seen dripping-not from summer’s heat- but, from exhaustive preparation. Practicing. Day in. Day out. To carry the burden of a Nation’s flag upon two proud shoulders.

Yes, the high-scorers would have medals hung low upon their thirsty necks.

But, who will reign Champion?
It is those….
Who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time.
Champion is the state of mind. Occupied by those who are devoted enough. They compete with themselves to be the best of themselves.
So, now are you ready to become a Champion?
Are you ready for the upcoming games?
Are you ready for the SEAS Games?

“Let’s rise together”

Tarbiah – Cinta – Peduli


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