Karya Siswa

The Good in Goodbye


The Good in Goodbye

By: Matchana


I used to question the phrase goodbye that is use by people when they are parting. Most of the goodbyes along with tears, I mean almost all of them end with tears, heartbreaks and heartaches — of longing somebody. At some cases, people say goodbye because they know that things wouldn’t be the same anymore. These goodbyes are not that ‘good’ in my thought at that time.


But hey, maybe I should look on the other side of it. There is good in goodbyes. As I’m growing older, I figure out that it is necessary to say goodbye when we parting with somebody. Especially to the ones that we love the most. Because saying goodbye doesn’t mean we will forget about each other. Saying goodbye doesn’t mean we have to cut off everything –friendship and memories and saying goodbye doesn’t mean we don’t want to see each other anymore.


It means you will stay forever in my mind even when you’re not around. It means this is the beginning of a new journey. It means you remain in my heart, eternity. Goodbyes make us realise that it’s not the creatures that we need to attach to. It’s The Creator. Why? Because no single soul would stay. That is how goodbyes make us stronger, more than we think we are. That is how we can see the goods in goodbyes.

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