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What’s your plan next?

By: Bukan Zawawi

“So, what’s your plan next?” asked Zawawi (not a real name) to Afiq (not a real name too) after knowing that he will go back to Malaysia for good. 

“Hmm..maybe I’ll confess to her first and marry her then,” said Afiq confidently.

“Sounds good. Well, good luck then!” replied Zawawi. 


Afiq is a very determined person. He always has his own plan on what he wanted to do in his life. Some of us are like him and some of us are unlike him, they flexible. They did not have or know what to do next in their future and just follow the flow but they still determined and flexible at the same time. They have plans but it does not bother them whenever things are not going on their own ways. 

Whether you are a determined person or flexible or etc, what you need to know is that no matter how detailed your plans or not, you need to keep reminding yourself who is actually the Master Planner. 

Sometimes, we think that mathematical equation and life equation are all the same but in reality, it is not. For instance, basic mathematical equation like 1+1 will always equal to 2. But in life, getting your degree plus good results does not always equal getting a good job or getting approval for your master or etc. 

If things are going into your own ways, congratulations to you because that is what He wants you to be or to get. 

But if things are against from what you want it to be, well, say alhamdulillah then maybe because He will give you something more precious than what you are planning or maybe He wants you to get through the lessons from what you are experiencing right now. 

For me, one of the reasons I guess why we are becoming more sad or frustrated when things are against our plan is because we leave God out of the life equation due to our logic and ego (maybe). When things are getting easier for us we often think that we can do it alone without His guidance – but when it is not, then we seek guidance from Him. Try to put Him within the equation or within your plans from the early stages. You will realise how grateful you are for whatever your plans’ outcome is. 

Remember, there is no blessing in anything that is done without the mention of God in the beginning, the direction of God in the middle, and the acceptance of God’s outcomes in the end. 

‘So, what’s your plan next?’ 

Let’s start our next plans with the name of God, the Entirely Merciful, and the Especially Merciful. 

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

*Inspired from The Art of Letting God by Mizi Wahid

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